How to Know If You Need Therapy for Relationships: 6 Signs

We all imagine that our relationship will be perfect and we'll live happily ever after. We can all grow and develop as people and partners throughout our lives, and one great way to do that is to work with a marriage therapist. Counselors give us the skills for success and help us see patterns in our lives that we cannot recognize from within. Here are 6 signs you need a marriage counselor.

You Are Thinking of Cheating

Let's be honest here and admit that if you've been in a long-term union, the thought of “the other” has crossed your mind from time to time. Yes? No? It's natural to want something you don't have. Think about why you are having these feelings in the first place. Suppose you're thinking about cheating or taking steps in that direction, for example, flirting on annadating-com. In that case, you should definitely talk to a marriage counselor before making a decision that could break your partner's trust.

You Feel Bored in Your Relationship

The excitement of the honeymoon period doesn't last forever, and it's easy to fall into a routine relationship. There will be times when you need to shake things up and do something exciting. What if you've tried a lot of tactics and tried every spicy tool you can imagine, and you're still bored? If you think you're stuck and need some strategies to move on, a therapist will provide your family with a plan to break the cycle of boredom.

You Feel Better When Your Partner Is Out

When you're apart for an extended period, for example, one of you goes away for a couple of weeks on a business trip, you notice that life gives you a fresh coat of paint. You have enough time for everything, the feeling of fatigue disappears, and you are curious to try a new kind of fitness or a new makeover. You meet up with friends you haven't seen for some reason for a long time and greedily read a book you haven't gotten around to.

If you still miss your boyfriend so much, the situation is not over, but it might be a warning sign. It shows that you don't know how to build personal boundaries. Perhaps, you have no personal space at all, no hobbies, no communication with only your friends, not common ones. That's why, when you get a little freedom and “meet” yourself again, you are so happy about that meeting.

You Are Unhappy With Your Sex Life

When you just start being a couple, sex is fireworks and passion, and you can't wait to finally get home from the restaurant to rip each other's clothes off! If your or your partner's sexual needs are not being met, it's time for expert help. This is a common problem, and it can be overcome. Some marriage counselors specialize in sex and are more knowledgeable and familiar with the subject, while other therapists don't like to talk about the subject.

You Are Mentally Exhausted

If you're familiar with this state, you might think back to the person you were before entering this relationship. If you used to be stronger, happier, and felt more desirable and seductive, this affair is likely destroying you as a person.

Your Conflicts Are Unsolvable

You used to have a heated argument, then one of you asked for forgiveness, you reconciled, and you have a truce in your relationship with all its bonuses, like heightened sexual desire. Now your conflicts don't end in anything — you just go away, slamming the door and thinking that a face-to-face talk is just a waste of time.

There are no unsolvable situations, and there are decisions that are hard to make. If you're confused and don't understand how you can heal the relationship or it's time to leave it in the past, you shouldn't make hasty decisions but rather seek professional help to make mistakes.